Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Announcement on Document Size for NNPC Graduate Trainee Recruitment

If you have not done your upload of scanned documents before now, you will realize that the corporation has reduced the maximum allowable scanned document size from 150kb to 100kb.

We already posted earlier procedure for resizing scanned documents and for converting from one format to the other. You can read it up here

This also raises some questions. There is no doubt that a lot of people who had done their application with 150kb size would be worried now that the scanned document size has been reduced to 100kb.

Is there a way to resize already uploaded documents to 100kb? Do they just leave it? Do they contact with this issue?

But we can tell you that if you applied while the instruction on the site said 150kb, you do not have to worry. But after 14th September if you still have your scanned document size over 100kb size, then you have not adhered to instructions.

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  1. Please how do I reduce the size of the documents I already uploaded From 150kb to 100kb?

    1. If you applied prior to 14th and your document size is above 100kb but within the 150kb range, you don't have to worry. The new doc size is for applications from 14th September when the change was effected on the site.

  2. Sir... My opinion; I feel they have reduced again to "100kb" because their database has been jam-packed with applicants' files and possibly affecting the site, reason why they had file-size-cap to "150kb" in the first place. So, whoever has applied with docs of 150kb should not worry, its been received.. Lets leave it to GOD....... My opinion though!

    1. Exactly! If you applied when the instruction said 150kb, there is nothing to worry about. The new instruction which came into effect 14th September, 2012 is for application from then on. That is why we were quick to point out that it has changed to 100kb.

      We are sure anyone who goes above 100kb now(not before 14th Sept) will have his/herself to blame.