Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dangote Group’s Graduate Drivers Recruitment is causing so much controversy – What is your View?

Dangote Group’s latest job ad placement for the recruitment of 2000 Graduate Drivers into its Drivers Academy for its Transport Super Fleet has caused quite a stir.

The annoyance from many Nigeria graduates is born out of the view that by advertising a Drivers job exclusively for Graduate level, the Dangote group has looked down on Nigerian Graduates.

There are however a few in the minority who think there is nothing wrong in graduates taking up driving jobs in Dangote, pointing out that in the UK a lot of first degree holders or even master degree holders are doing menial jobs to keep body and soul together.

There is also the argument that the company could be paying graduates salaries and it would be worth a try.

Here is one of the comments we have seen online: “I saw the advert on a friend's wall on FB and I felt it was a joke however, since this is true, it only tells how gullible he is. It is just unfortunate the unemployment situation in Nigeria over the years has gotten worse and people just have to do whatever job they can find”

Here again is the Dangote group driver’s recruitment advert.

Let’s have your say. What do you think? Use the comments box.

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  1. It is only stupid graduates who will demean themselves to apply for this job. I wonder if Dangote himself is even a graduate sef. Richest man my foot.

  2. How will our parents feel when they discover that their graduate son is a trailer driver. This is not a graduate job. How can a graduate lavish his potentials in driving work when it can be done by a lower man power. Anyways is a world of choice.

  3. Some truck drivers can pay graduates salaries. Why not start from somewhere. Maybe one can even learn how to run a fleet there or remain in the company and ascend to the position of Transport manager. Abeg, I go apply. In fact I don apply sef.