Thursday, September 13, 2012

NNPC 2012 Recruitment Portal: How to resize your scanned documents for uploading.

It is no longer news that the maximum allowable size for scanned documents for uploading onto the NNPC 2012 Recruitment portal is 150kb(Changed to 100kb on Sept, 14). It is also not news that only documents in PDF or WORD format are acceptable for upload on the job recruitment Portal. Despite the foregoing, a lot of candidates have had problems trying to get their documents to the size and format demand by the NNPC.

In the NNPC Recruitment done in 2010, a total of 296,376 applications were received but only 44,239 of the applicants were shortlisted and subsequently invited for the recruitment test and less for the job interview. That was a mere 14percent. Majority of the candidates, we want to believe, were refused for not completing the application as demanded by the instructions in the recruitment Portal. It is therefore critical that you get the first step right, which is applying properly.

Here, we are detailing the steps and procedures candidates can use to reduce the size of scanned documents for uploading to the NNPC job recruitment Portal. You will also learn how to convert scanned documents in other formats to PDF for the purpose of the NNPC job application.

How do I know the size of my scanned document?
If you have your document saved on the desktop of your system, it is easy to know its size. Right-Click on the document Icon and click on properties. If the document, in PDF, is not less than 150kb(now 100kb as at Sept 14th), you will have to re-size it before uploading to the NNPC job Portal during your application.

How to re-size your scanned document
Whether you are scanning your documents directly as PDF documents or scanning and saving as Jpeg, you still have to re-size. For some reasons, I prefer scanning and saving documents as Jpeg. First, it is easier to get smaller document sizes. Second, I know I can use an optimiser to further reduce the document size. Third, I can convert it to whatever format I choose, including PDF, suitable for the NNPC recruitment Portal. Visit and see for yourself how you can optimise your jpeg images/documents. The steps there are straightforward and you will not need further lectures.

Converting and resizing document formats
For those of us applying for the NNPC job and need to upload documents on the portal, you need to pay attention here. With the steps we will enumerate here, not only can you convert scanned documents into other formats, you can also get them to below 150kb(now 100kb as at 14th Sept) size required for the NNPC job application.

Visit which is the online site we like to recommend for conversion of scanned documents from one format to the other. You can also get a reduced file size with this simple website. It doesn’t matter the original format of the scanned document, you can always get the format you want.
In our case here, we are converting from Jpeg to PDF, size 150kb(Now 100kb as at Sept 14) or below so we can upload to the NNPC recruitment job portal for the Graduate Trainee Application.

1. Click browse, locate your document and click on UPLOAD NOW. At this point, you will be able to see the uploaded document, its size, and time since upload, etc.

Next as seen above, you will be asked what document format you like to convert your chosen one to. Choose PDF, in this case. You can also choose to resize image(if you have not already done so with jpeg optimizer
2. Click CONVERT NOW. Wait a little while (a few seconds depending on your internet speed) and scroll down to see the list on converted files. Your new pdf document should be on top . The file will display your file name, size and format.

3. Click on download, to download it unto your PC or drive ready for use.
If you have done the proper resizing, you should get your pdf document in less than 150kb(now 100kb as at Sept 14) size ready for uploading unto the NNPC recruitment Portal for your job application.

We give credit to Sylvester Okoagwa for his comment that pointed us to these websites. Hope this helps.

Drop comments for any more enquiries.

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  1. I'm a bit shocked that there are no comments on here... I was totally lost, the application deadline was two days away and I still hadn't uploaded my documents. My pride didn't let me ask for help. I thought I was going to have to go to NNPC towers in Abuja and apply for the job the way Monica Lewinsky applied, but eventually I found your website and YOU SAVED MY LIFE!!!! This was so helpful and I'm done!!... Thank you so much blogging person. God bless you and bless your work :-)

    1. Ngozi, you are funny. Thanks our site helped you. All the best.