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2012 Dragnet Fresh Graduate Jobs in Nigeria

2012 Dragnet Graduate Jobs in Nigeria
Dragnet is an small and medium scale enterprise (SME) with big dreams and incredible ambitions. We have come to realize that to attain our goals we need to build a company of winners. A company of people with a track record that speaks of achievements. Really special people that are accustomed to being favored by the Universe. People that want to be ahead of their peers and want to stay ahead of the pack. People who have distinguished themselves in noticeable areas of their lives. People who will not settle for the ordinary but will instead push themselves to achieve the extraordinary.

Dragnet is looking to hire Graduate trainees who are outstanding and whose achievements so far have been remarkable and are ready to go beyond the ordinary. The company is looking for candidates who their peers recognize as being very sharp. People who liked to be on top and who were never lacking in ambition. People who can lead and want to lead, people with character, a firm will and are courageous. People who have very good interpersonal relationship with others and can demonstrate same in the working environment.
Dragnet is looking to hire Graduate Trainees into the following functional areas.

1. Client relations
Sale of Dragnet’s products and services
Grow Dragnet’s clientele
Manage and nurture existing client relationships.
2. Product Development (ICT Based)
Develop and manage innovative Technology Based Solutions
Initiate product improvement projects
Project management.
3. Operations (Software and Hardware)
Execute client mandates using Dragnet designed software applications
Solve hardware and software challenges and problems
Plan, schedule, execute and manage technical operations.
4. Marketing / Brand Management
Develop and manage a brand strategy
Boost Dragnet’s corporate image
Champion events that support the company’s cause
Manage Dragnet’s social media initiatives
Deploy traditional media in support of Dragnet’s brand/image
Manage agencies.
5. Legal – Partnership Management
Manage 3rd party relationships
Vet and execute agreements
Manage retained legal services
6. Accounts
Financial transaction processing
Management Information Reports
Invoicing and Account Receivables
Statutory payments.
7. Human Resources
Attraction and retention
Performance Management
Staff development
Remuneration and payroll
Staff welfare.
8. Psychologist/Researcher
Carry out research
Test theories on Psychology and Human behaviour
Create assessments
Test the validity of assessments
Create products that support Industrial Psychology

Application Process is as follows:
Applicants are required to register here and obtain your login details (ID and password). These login details must always be used and remembered for all activities on the career site.
If you forget your password, use the service provided on the site to retrieve it.
An email will be sent to your email address.
You must update the following parts of your CV before you apply for any of the jobs.
Personal details
Computer Exposure
Tertiary Education
To apply for any of the vacancies, follow the link provided. You will be prompted to input your ID and password to apply for your chosen vacancy.
Please note that you can apply for as many vacancies as you wish.
Application process also allows you to update and amend your CV information before the close of application.
To update and amend your CV, follow the link provided. You require your ID and password.

If you have any problem applying email:

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