Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Google 2012 Internship Programme for Fresh Graduates & Students- Lagos

This internship programme is open for students as well as fresh graduates

There is no better internship programme we can recommend which ranks anywhere near the above captioned. This Google programme, fortunately, is open to holders of University degree or its equivalent in progress.

Now it doesn’t matter what course of study you are undertaking be it Psychology or Art or any other. Don't let that degree keep you from applying to Google’s Internship programme..

Google Internship Programme 2012 - Lagos

What’s on offer

Development and Training
All interns shall receive ongoing mentorship and training throughout their program at Google. They will be assigned an intern "host" who will inspire you, oversee your work, help identify project goals, and support your professional development. Additionally, the programme offer a series of trainings for continued education. All interns can attend regular talks given by various Googlers, learning about different products and groups across the company. Interns also have the opportunity to attend weekly company meetings to get the latest news from country leaders, and address specific questions or issues.

In this day and age when jobs are getting fewer for the ever increasing number of graduates our universities, colleges of education and Polytechnics are shunning out, this intensive internship programme can prepare you for a life ahead where one can develop the skills of online business/work. There is already an increasing number of people worldwide making a good leaving from working online and at home. There is also the added incentive of being retained to work as a Google employee which for us is one of the best employers of labour anywhere in the world.

Salary and Relocation Assistance
It offer all interns a competitive salary and relocation assistance where applicable.

Minimum Qualifications
University degree or equivalent (HND) in progress or graduated.

Starting Date & Duration
Internship will start on January 16, 2012 and will run approximately 14 weeks.

How To Apply

Interested candidates should: Click here to apply online

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